Customers order directly at the table
Linked to POS, customers can order directly by selecting a menu at the table.
Now serve the above smart menu at your table!
  • Use in conjunction with MagicPOS
  • Customer-oriented, simple interface
  • Easy installation in Wifi environment
  • Reduce print production costs by enabling quick and easy menu and price changes
  • Table price increases with electronic menu board function
  • Reduces labor costs by reducing the number of workers
  • Promote various contents directly to table customers

Customer Directly Orders

You can conveniently order from your seat

Labor costs can be reduced

Can be operated by reducing the number of people in charge of ordering

Convenient store operation management

Announcements and events can be exposed

Increased guest convenience

Zero mistakes by ordering directly without calling a staff member

Restaurant owner reviews

“Customer satisfaction has also increased because we can focus more on store operations and customer service when taking orders, and the quality of service has improved.”


“I was concerned because the store size is relatively large, but the burden on labor costs has been reduced to the extent that it is possible to operate with a small number of employees in an office commercial area with many customers at certain times.”


“Customers like it because they can conveniently order from where they sit, and employees are satisfied because there is less movement, and a tablet menu kills two birds with one stone!”