Station Solo
  • Sample space for your tasks

    The 14" high-definition touchscreen streamlines your work, enabling quick and effortless real-time reporting, inventory management, and employee supervision.

  • Instantly operational

    With the optional addition of a receipt printer and cash drawer, you have everything required to start working.

  • Enhance team collaboration

    Synchronize communication between your staff and the back of the house to optimize your business operations.

A single hub to manage your store
  • Capable of expanding alongside you

    Station Solo seamlessly integrates with all other Clover devices, allowing you to create a scalable system that grows with your business.

  • Swift, robust, and dependable

    Station Solo is equipped with ample processing power to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations.

  • Access to valuable information

    Station Solo monitors crucial financial metrics such as sales and inventory, providing you with immediate insights to keep your business on track.

Manage your business remotely
  • Leverage your data for optimal results

    Tracking and reporting are vital for your business's success. How did your business perform today? What about the same day last week or last year? Uncover the patterns and trends that influence your sales.

  • Effortlessly oversee your staff

    Identify your top-performing employees, monitor schedules and hours, and establish system permission levels to effectively manage your most valuable assets.

  • Complete tasks and receive payments

    Even when you're not at your counter, customers can still make payments through convenient options like Clover Virtual Terminal, invoicing, and recurring payments.

Experience business growth with Clover
  • Streamline your business operations

    Clover systems effortlessly integrate with the software applications you rely on for tasks such as accounting, payroll, appointment booking, and more.

  • Convert future sales into immediate funds

    Transform anticipated credit card sales into accessible working capital, with transparent and manageable repayment terms that provide the flexibility needed to expand your business.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction

    Efficiently gather and organize customer contact information and marketing preferences, enabling you to engage with them on their preferred terms.