Station Duo

What can Station Duo do for you?
Efficient operations made easy

  • Simplified control

    Experience the convenience of a single central hub for power and processing. With one screen for you and one for your customers, managing your operations becomes effortless. Plus, enjoy straightforward rates for credit, debit, and gift card payments.

  • Swift processing, speedy deposits

    Process chip card transactions in under three seconds, ensuring quick and seamless transactions. You can receive your funds as soon as the next day, enabling faster access to your money.

  • Access valuable insights instantly

    Leverage the power of your own data to gain valuable insights. Identify the patterns and trends that drive your sales, allowing you to make smarter marketing decisions and optimize your business strategies.

Tailored for counter-service restaurants

  • Discover the perfect POS system designed specifically for your counter-service restaurant. Experience a system that efficiently handles orders and payments, meeting the fast-paced expectations of your customers. Seamlessly connect the front and back of the house, enabling smooth operations. Effectively manage your team, gift card programs, and effortlessly generate sales and end-of-day reports.

Ideal for retail businesses

  • Effortlessly operate your entire shop with a single intelligent POS system. Effectively manage inventory and stay on top of stock levels. Accept payments with ease, simplifying the transaction process. Seamlessly handle returns and exchanges. Efficiently oversee your staff and generate comprehensive sales reports.

Station Duo for any business

Station Duo for counter-service restaurants

Obtain the latest Clover system.

Setting up your point of sale system has never been simpler. Customize your system with the appropriate combination of devices, software, and apps for your specific business needs. You can easily add more devices or apps whenever necessary. Feel free to discuss your preferred device and plan options with us.